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Statue of Unity - Number of visitors, revenue & earnings

Let us have a detailed look at the number of visitors, revenues, and earnings of the Statue of Unity - the tallest statue of the world. How many visitors come to the Statue of Unity? Statue of Unity was opened on 31st Oct 2018 In the first year of operations: The average visitors to Statue of Unity from 1st Nov 2018 to 31 Oct 2019, were 8,653 daily.  This may not give you a complete picture as the numbers were increasing. For Nov 2019 alone: The average visitors to the Statue of Unity increased to 15,036 daily.  For 25 Dec'19 to 31st Dec' 19, below were the figures    Nu mber of Visitors   Revenue in Rs    Dec 25   28,305  Rs 58,83,385   Dec 26  27,235  Rs 58,16,025   Dec 27  29,654  Rs 58,81,365   Dec 28  32,825  Rs 65,63,640   Dec 29  39,123  Rs 70,72,780   Dec 30  (closed)  NA  NA   Dec 31  19,944  Rs 41,80,270   This makes an average of 29,514 visitors daily . The total revenue of Statue of Unity for only these six days was Rs 3.54 crores (Rs 3,53,97,465).  You can see tha

20 Interesting facts about Statue of Unity

Let us look at some of the interesting, amazing and omg facts about the Statue of Unity #1) This is obvious, Statue of unity is the tallest statue in the world. The height of the statue of unity is 182 m . This is 29 meters taller than the second-highest statue, Spring Buddha of China, whose height is 153 meters. #2) It is located on the Narmada river and you can see the river, the Sardar Sarovar Dam and the picturesque the Vindhyachal mountains. #3) Statue of Unity is one among very few man-made things visible from space. #4) The cost to make this statue is Rs 2,989 crores . #5) Approximately 3000 workers and 250 engineers from L&T worked on it. #6) It is estimated that the Statue of Unity would turn green in color in about 100 years. This is natural and happens due to oxidation. Statue of Liberty turned green in approximately 30 years. #7) Two High-speed elevators are installed in the statue of unity. Each can carry a maximum of 26 people and can reach the viewing gallery at 13

Places to visit near Statue of Unity - Tourist attractions

Here are the details of Places to visit / Tourist attractions near the statue of unity so you can plan your full itinerary. It takes 4 to 5 hours to complete all the spots at the Statue of Unity that includes Statue of Unity, Observation deck, museum, memorial, the valley of flowers,  Audio-visual gallery, and Sardar Sarovar dam. But if you have gone to Kevadia, Gujarat, you don't want to miss visiting the places near Statue of unity.  Here are the most popular tourist attractions near the Statue of unity so you can plan your visit to it better. Jungle Safari Park - 2 Km from Statue of Unity This is situated at just 2 Km from Statue of Unity. It has more than 1500 Birds and Animals and almost a total of 62 species of them and is spread in 1300 acres in seven levels.  It has animals like lions, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, bison, leopards, 12 types of deer and antelopes, zebras, and other animals. The entry cost of the safari is  Rs 200 for adults and  Rs 125 for kids . Panchmuli Lake

Statue of Unity - Types of tickets online, timings & tips

Let us help with the details about types of tickets for the statue of unity like the basic, viewing gallery, or VIP (express ) tickets.  We will also provide details on how you can book tickets online, visit timings and some helpful tips to have a comfortable and pleasant trip. Types of Tickets for Statue of Unity There are four types of Tickets for Statue of Unity  1. Basic entry ticket 2. Viewing Gallery ticket 3. VIP or Express Entry Ticket 4. Tickets for Foreign nationals Let us check each of them. Basic entry ticket The price of a basic ticket is Rs 150 for an adult (age > 15 years) and Rs 90 for a child (age 3 to 15 years). With this ticket, you can get entry to  1. The valley of flower 2. Memorial 3. museum  4. Audio-visual gallery 5. The Statue of Unity site 6. Sardar Sarovar Dam You don't get the access to go up to the viewing gallery at the chest of the Statue with this ticket.  Viewing Gallery ticket The price of  Viewing Gallery ticket  is Rs 380 for an adult and Rs

Statue of unity location - Helpful practical guide to reach

The Statue of Unity is located at  Sardar Sarovar Dam, Statue of Unity Rd, Kevadia, Gujarat 393155 . The statue is built on an Island known as Sadhu Bet on the river Narmada about 3.5 km downstream of the Sardar Sarovar dam.  How can you reach the Statue of Unity? Let us look at the distance of major cities from the statue of unity.    City  Distance to  Statue of Unity            Important Notes             Vadodara  90.2 Km Nearest railway station and airport   Kevadia    

Statue of unity - Cost & height - Facts that you should know

Let us look into the details of the cost and height of the Statue of unity. Statue of Unity Cost The total cost to build the Statue of Unity is Rs 2,989 crores or $430 mn. Except for bronze cladding, which was done in China, all other work was done in India. The bronze cladding was only 8% of the total cost of the statue of unity. It consumed  - 210,000 cubic meter of cement concrete poured into the statue - 18,500 tonnes of reinforced steel - 6,500 tonnes of structural steel - 1,700 tonnes of bronze - 1,850 tonnes of bronze cladding made up of some 565 macro & 6,000 micro panels The Statue of Unity was built under the Public-Private Partnership model, with most of the money raised by the Government of Gujarat.  Budget provisions by Gujarat Government.   Year        Budgetary Provision 2013-14  Rs 100 crore 2015-16  Rs 915 crore 2016-17  Rs 1066 crore  2018-19   Rs 899 crore Many PSUs also funded the project under their budgets for Corporate social responsibility. Below are a fe

Statue of Unity - Ultimate guide with complete details

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue or Statue of unity is the largest statue in the world. Height of Statue of Unity is 182 meters or 597 feet. This engineering marvel was made for the Sardar Patel (1875–1950), the first Indian Deputy Prime minister of India.  The Statue of Unity is located around 3.5 km downstream from the Sardar Sarovar dam in Kevadia, Gujarat.  It was completed and inaugurated to the world on 31st Oct 2018 on the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. Statue of Unity has been included in the World's greatest places on Time's magazine 2019 list. Watch this youtube video on the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue. The Statue of Unity at a glance   Cost  Rs 2,989 crore or $430 mn  Height  182 meters or 597 feet  Location  Sardar Sarovar Dam, Statue of Unity Rd, Kevadia, Gujarat 393155  Material  Steel frames reinforced by concrete  Brass coating with bronze cladding‎  Designer  Ram V Sutar  Dedicated to  Shri Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel Thought The idea of building a S