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20 Interesting facts about Statue of Unity

Let us look at some of the interesting, amazing and omg facts about the Statue of Unity

Interesting facts about statue of Unity


This is obvious, Statue of unity is the tallest statue in the world. The height of the statue of unity is 182 m.

This is 29 meters taller than the second-highest statue, Spring Buddha of China, whose height is 153 meters.


It is located on the Narmada river and you can see the river, the Sardar Sarovar Dam and the picturesque the Vindhyachal mountains.


Statue of Unity is one among very few man-made things visible from space.


The cost to make this statue is Rs 2,989 crores.


Approximately 3000 workers and 250 engineers from L&T worked on it.


It is estimated that the Statue of Unity would turn green in color in about 100 years. This is natural and happens due to oxidation. Statue of Liberty turned green in approximately 30 years.


Two High-speed elevators are installed in the statue of unity. Each can carry a maximum of 26 people and can reach the viewing gallery at 135 meters in 30 seconds. 


It took 57 months to build the statue. The various stages in the project were 

Stage 1: Planning for 15 months

Stage 2: Construction for 40 months

Stage 3: Handover in 2 months


Material consumed for construction of Statue of Unity

210,000 cubic meter of cement concrete poured into the statue

- 18,500 tonnes of reinforced steel

- 6,500 tonnes of structural steel

1,700 tonnes of bronze

- 1,850 tonnes of bronze cladding made up of some 565 macro & 6,000 micro panels


This statue design is made by renowned designer Shri Ram V Sutar


Statue has been designed to look like Sardar Patel is walking towards Sardar Sarovar dam


This statue is made differently to other tallest statues in the world. Statue of unity is slender having two feet of Sardar whereas others have a wide base to give strength. The gap between the two feet is 6.5 m.


Statue can sustain wind velocity of 180 km per hour and earthquakes measuring up to 6.5 on the Richter Scale at a depth of 10 km and within a radius of 12 km of the statue.


In the last week of Dec, 19 29,514 visitors visited the statue of unity generating 3.54 crores revenue in 6 days.


The Wall of unity at the statue site is made from the soil collected from one and a half lakh villages across the country.


The statue can be seen from 7 Km or 4.3 miles.


The bronze cladding work on the statue was done by a Chinese foundry, the Jiangxi Toqine Company (JTQ). The cost of this was just 8 % of the total cost of the statue. 


The viewing gallery at 135 meters can accommodate 200 people at the same time giving breathtaking views of river Narmada, picturesque Vindhyachal mountains, and Saradar Sarovar dam.


The statue is made in three layers. 

The innermost layer is made of reinforced cement concrete (RCC), comprising two towers 127 meters high that rise to the statue's chest.

The second layer is made up of a steel structure

The third layer is the 8 mm bronze cladding on the surface. There are about 6500 bronze panels on the statue.


Statue of Unity has been included in the World's greatest places on Time's magazine 2019 list.

We hope we have some interesting facts about the statue of unity. If you happen to know any more, do let us know in the comments below.

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