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Places to visit near Statue of Unity - Tourist attractions

Here are the details of Places to visit / Tourist attractions near the statue of unity so you can plan your full itinerary.

It takes 4 to 5 hours to complete all the spots at the Statue of Unity that includes Statue of Unity, Observation deck, museum, memorial, the valley of flowers, Audio-visual gallery, and Sardar Sarovar dam.

But if you have gone to Kevadia, Gujarat, you don't want to miss visiting the places near Statue of unity. 

Here are the most popular tourist attractions near the Statue of unity so you can plan your visit to it better.

Jungle Safari Park - 2 Km from Statue of Unity

Jungle Safari Park

This is situated at just 2 Km from Statue of Unity. It has more than 1500 Birds and Animals and almost a total of 62 species of them and is spread in 1300 acres in seven levels. 

It has animals like lions, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, bison, leopards, 12 types of deer and antelopes, zebras, and other animals.

The entry cost of the safari is Rs 200 for adults and Rs 125 for kids.

Panchmuli Lake - 7 Km from Statue of Unity

Panchmuli Lake

Panchmuli Lake is located 7 km away from the Statue of Unity. It offers breathtaking views of the Vindhyachal mountain range and Sardar Sarovar Dam.   

Just drive and park your vehicle and enjoy calm waters and natural sublime beauty.

A word of caution, it is said it has over 300 crocodiles in the same. The government is working on capturing and shifting them to make this place safer.

Zarwani waterfall - 15 Km from Statue of Unity

Zarwani Waterfalls

Zarwani waterfall is located deep inside the Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary. As you reach here, you will see a lot of greenery. The height of the waterfall is 20 feet.

The Zarwani falls are perennial and can be visited throughout the year though the best time to visit would be in monsoons. 

You can take a bath in the fresh and clear water under the waterfall. If you are quite adventurous, you can try climbing but do follow the safety precautions. 

Camping and trekking around the falls are also facilitated and you can contact the forest department for the same.

Pro tips - 

1. Zarvani waterfall is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm so you can visit this first and then go to visit the Statue of Unity.

2. Carry your anti-slippery shoes/slippers along with you so you don't soak in your shoes while in the fall as you would be wearing these shoes all day long.

3. Avoid slippery rocks while climbing near the waterfalls.

4. Take enough food and water along with you.

You will need your vehicle to go there. The price for entry is Rs 400 per car and Rs 270 per bike

River rafting at Khalwani - 28 Km from Statue of Unity 

River rafting at Khalwani

River rafting at Khalwani started on 1st Sep 2019. It has 500 cusecs of water most of the time with many turning points that make it a good place for rafting passionates to enjoy rafting in the Narmada river. 

Ticket for rafting is Rs 1000 per person for 4.5 Km stretch starting from Godbode gate to Aditeshwar Mahadev. 

Ninai Waterfall - 101.6 Km from Statue of Unity

Ninai Waterfall

Ninai is a waterfall located in Dediapada taluka of the Narmada district in the Indian state of Gujarat. The height of Ninai falls is more than 30 feet.

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